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Category: UrbanHalo Family

Marathon Series: UH social media master, Anica Hershey, a new spin on marathon!

The next addition to our Marahton Series is being brought to you by one of UrbanHalo’s very own. The marvelous and multi-talented, Anica. She is the sweet-natured, energetic, dancing queen who waves her magic wand to make sure all our social media runs smoothly. Read on to hear what a marathon looks like for this […]

Social Media Master

Hello! I am going to start out with saying how truly blessed I have been to get the chance to work for and with such amazing people! The UrbanHalo crew is indescribable! The love, compassion, selflessness and so much more pour out of my fellow UrbanHaloist. I could not ask for a better place to call […]

The Urban Ruffle

I know it was awfully mean of me to tease you about our fun news and then make you WAIT… so the waiting is over!  I am so excited to announce that we have signed a lease on a space in our adorable little downtown Prior Lake!   To make this news even better, I […]

Rock Star Status…

I have often said that a couple of my favorite things about this accidental little business of mine are not only the causes UH is able to support, but the community it has built. You are all a part of our story… something as simple as a headband connects us together in a small way. From the incredible small businesses that carry our line, to […]

DIY… Fail?

School is back in session, which means there is never a shortage of papers cycling through this house. I mean like trees worth. Homework sheets, field trip slips, you name it. So I am always trying to come up with ways to keep this chaos organized. We were early adopters on the whole stainless steel appliance trend (before they had the cool […]

My knottie girl…

Sometimes you come across a product that literally changes your life. I have found that product lovelies. Because you see, I have a knottie girl. My sweet but spicy, 8-year old darling, has the knottiest hair on.the.planet. Add to that the world’s most sensitive head and you have entered into a bucket-full of hair brushing terror fun. […]


Yipee!!! Our new site is here and we are so excited to share it with you! It is still a work in progress but the new site will allow us to add more product lines to our brand (I am bursting with ideas for more handmade goodness!), kick off our monthly subscription club (more on […]