Kid founded. Kid operated. And kid approved. Simon Says Give, an organization where kids celebrate kids! Founder and Chief Charity Officer, Mandi Simon, knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, specifically other kids. The most remarkable part…she was only 7 years old. Yes. This young girl took the initiative to build and create a nonprofit organization with a purpose to help mold the next generation of leaders and a goal to impact 2 million kids by the year 2022.

Five years ago, with help from her mother, this non-profit organization was born. And has since blossomed into a value oriented charity grown almost entirely by kids. With a unique board that includes a mix of both adults and kids, they have come together with passion and energy to serve the mission through their individual talents and treasures in order to benefit tens of thousands of kids in Minnesota, South Dakota and Massachusetts. Nearly forty youth are running the day-to-day operations of this organization. While the responsibility of the adults is to mentor, educate and help these kids learn the appropriate business and relational skills. It’s the best of both worlds, bringing experience and creativity to fruition.

Simon Says Give. Give what?? They give other kids a chance to realize how special and unique they are by recognizing and celebrating their birthday. A birthday is a day we all have. But a party is not a privilege every child has. So this organization grants an opportunity to honor them! It’s a chance to show a child how extraordinary they are, what they offer to this world and shower them with kindness and support that might be failing in their everyday. Simon Says Give throws a party and gifts them with something the child needs and something the child wants. Because every kid should have a fun-filled party in their lifetime to celebrate the gift that they are! The organization’s commitment to give to children has also expanded into backpack drives and school supply collections. The same children who hardly know what it means to celebrate are also the ones who don’t get a lot of new things or the right tools to help them learn. So they have partnered with various corporate sponsorships to raise awareness, fundraise and collect these items for donation. The best part is getting other youth involved in this active operation. Kid leaders offer up their support by raising awareness at their school, among their friends and peers and by volunteering their time. These are small people helping in big ways.

We know that children are the future. So it’s important to feed their hearts and minds with truth and love and help shape their view of what it means to give back and be a part of positive change. If you’re not already humming We Are the World by Michael Jackson then let us help you out.

We are the world, we are the children

We are the ones who make a brighter day

So let’s start giving………

While you’re singing that tune in your head (or out loud, no judgment here!) let us offer up the August attraction to make your day a little brighter. If there was ever a design that defines dedication for world-changing efforts then here it is. A band that’s busy and budding with a beautiful blend of blues. But these are far from a gloomy nature. They present piety and passion and drive us to deliver. So, Simon says be an UrbanHero this month and help us celebrate a child who just might change this world.

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