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Magnet Button Instructions to attach mask to headband:

  • To open, SLIDE (rather than pull) top and bottom button in opposite directions.
  • Put headband on. We recommend ensuring that your headband is over your hairline (touching the skin of your forehead) and placed over the tops of your ears.
  • Place bottom side of magnet over the top of your ear on the underside of headband, through 1 layer of fabric only (not multiple layers/ folds). While holding bottom side in place, place button/top of magnet on the top of headband directly over bottom magnet. 
  • To adjust or remove, be sure to open magnet by sliding piece apart, rather than pulling.
  • Place mask straps behind buttons.

Designed for use with UrbanHalo headbands. Due to varying thicknesses and materials of other headbands or scrub caps, we cannot assure these will work with other brands or headwear.

Due to varying fits between brands and the recommendation to achieve a complete seal, we cannot guarantee the buttons will work with all KN95 masks.