Hello! I am going to start out with saying how truly blessed I have been to get the chance to work for and with such amazing people! The UrbanHalo crew is indescribable! The love, compassion, selflessness and so much more pour out of my fellow UrbanHaloist. I could not ask for a better place to call work!

Now onto me…It is definitely tough to sit here and write about myself without making it sound like a boring interview, but I am going to try. I will start by introducing myself. I am Anica Hershey and I am 25 years old. Prior Lake has been my home since I was very young and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Now let’s get into a more fun way to introduce myself!

And here we go; 25 random facts, well, because I am 25!

  1. My last name is honestly Hershey and no I am not related to the Hershey chocolate people. I did a report on Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey’s chocolate, when I was in fifth grade because of that exact question! But, no I am not directly related to them, although chocolate does run through my veins!
  2. I am a picture freak! I take so many and love getting pictures taken! (Sorry ahead of time!)
  3. I have 2 fake teeth! This fact isn’t as fun anymore because they are implanted now, but back in the day I could take out my fake ones and I had all too much fun with that!
  4. I am slightly obsessed with my nephews, Helton and Wesley! Okay, okay the word slightly should be replaced with completely.Anica_1
  5. I am afraid to disappoint people. More so than anything else.
  6. I was that odd ball in school who loved math class!
  7. If you are an NBA fan and I look slightly familiar it may be because I was an NBA Timberwolves dancer from 2010–2011.Anica_7
  8. I am a super picky eater. Plain and simple. To put that in perspective, I have never in my life eaten any type of burger (and no I am not a vegetarian, I LOVE steak!).
  9. To say that I am outgoing is an understatement. I talk and I talk a lot!
  10. Oddly I am also a huge home-body. My ideal Friday night is staying in, having a fire and playing games, not going out on the town.
  11. I have been dancing since the age of three in styles from ballet to hip hop. I am now a dance teacher at the local studio I grew up dancing at called Center Stage Dance Studio.Anica_2
  12. My best friend hands down is my older sister, Acacia. Unfortunately she lives 680 miles away, but the distance seems a lot smaller when you talk, text and FaceTime daily!
  13. I am ALWAYS busy. Working many jobs and helping out at my church gives me minimal down time.
  14. I long for friendships that can withstand my crazy schedule. I have many lifelong friends who I see less than I want, but truly understand my life and how hectic it is!
  15. Crafts. Crafts. If I could spend every day crafting, I think I would.Anica_8
  16. I am slightly obsessed with movies. I own over 400 plus DVDs and continue to grow my collection. Some of my all-time favorites are; The Lucky One, American Sniper and almost anything animated! My “Don’t Watch” list is anything horror!
  17. I wish I was more adventurous. I want to be able to jump off a cliff or try some crazy new food. But I am a chicken!
  18. I can’t stand my own signature. It looks like a kindergartner wrote it with their non-dominant hand!
  19. I love my family. They mean more than the world to me and I am so lucky to have them in my life! One of the best things about them is that we all REALLY enjoy playing games. Our Sundays are spent playing yard games with our neighbors and other nights we spend at home playing farkle or Mexican Train dominoes.
  20. Pick a holiday, any holiday and I LOVE it! From New Years to Thanksgiving and my birthday to 4th of July. I love the idea of sitting around with those who mean the most to me and spending the day talking, eating, celebrating and laughing!Anica_3
  21. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I am mad, you can tell. If I am sad, I can’t hold back the tears. And, if I’m happy, I smile ear to ear!
  22. I am so lucky to have this guy by my side!Anica_5
  23. Windows down, music up and long roads ahead. I actually enjoy driving! Especially long road trips!
  24. I have become completely obsessed with UrbanHalo! I rarely go a day without wearing a halo now!! I absolutely love how comfy they are.
  25. I absolutely adore my co-workers! Life is better with them in my life. 🙂Anica_6Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me! I can’t wait to continue following all your fun moments with #UrbanHalo! If you want to chat more, email me at