Sometimes you come across a product that literally changes your life. I have found that product lovelies. Because you see, I have a knottie girl. My sweet but spicy, 8-year old darling, has the knottiest hair on.the.planet. Add to that the world’s most sensitive head and you have entered into a bucket-full of hair brushing terror fun. Except that over time, there is not a whole lotta hair brushing even going on… because really, there is only so much drama this mama can take over hair. So we rock what we call “the messy bun”.  The messy bun entails flipping the rats nest hair upside-down, twisting it into a bun and calling it a day.

Yep, that my friends is called surrender. 🙂

Until I discovered the Knot Genie. Have you heard of it? Life.Changing. And of course, like all products I love, there is an awesome story behind the product. A mama, just like me, who came up with a solution for her knottie girls. Rikki is a mom of three girls, with hair similar to my Ella Bella. She spent hundreds of $$ each year on hair products and brushes that didn’t work. Instead of taking the lazy messy bun way out, she decided to create a brush that would not only offer immense detangling powers, but also peace at home!  I have to admit, when I first tried this brush, I was totally skeptical. Like Rikki, we have tried them all. But ladies, this brush is amazing. The magic is in the varying length of the teeth on the brush. They somehow get through those knots without pulling so hard that Ella is in tears.


So why the plug for this product?  Well, when we decided to throw our August Instaparty to share the stories of other small business out there with great products, I shamelessly politely asked if Knot Genie would be willing to donate a little bit of this knot magic for our lucky winner! They said yes! So… if you are playing along and posting pictures, you are entering to win one of these along with this and more to come! If you have a knottie girl at home and simply cannot wait to win, check them out here.


Cheers to happy girls and nicely brushed hair!

xo, Jen