Natural disasters cause devastation. Almost always. And families are left without a home, their belongings and sometimes each other. Not a day goes by where people are not affected by a natural disaster or conflict. These kinds of things don’t take a rest…and neither should the support. ShelterBox USA is working to help the most vulnerable by providing emergency shelter and tools for displaced families. They’re transforming despair into hope. And they’re rebuilding communities that were destroyed.

ShelterBox delivers essential aid that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of a community following a disaster. And it all comes in the form of ShelterBoxes and ShelterKits. The sturdy ShelterBoxes contain family-sized tents specially designed to withstand the local elements and extreme conditions so they can provide people with some temporary shelter until they can start the process of rebuilding their home. The ShelterKits are custom packed with vital hardware and tools that people need to start repairing or rebuilding their home. They also include components that help convert this emergency shelter into a home; cookware, solar lights, thermal blankets, purification equipment, activities and games for children. Or even protective furnishing like a mosquito net for applicable locations. These temporary living shelters may need to last for a long time so they are sourced and designed to ensure each family supported has exactly the aid they need. When they need. The organization aims to deploy its boxes and a response team to the scene of a disaster within 24-36 hours of occurrence. As long as it’s within safe and operational parameters. Visit their website at to take a peek at these incredible kits and boxes that are prepared to supply the stricken. All of this relief is completely customizable and adaptable based on the location and the need. This is support that goes beyond four walls.

When natural disaster strikes, we can’t necessarily replace what was lost. But when we band together, we can make a positive impact. Giving to ShelterBox means protecting families from burning heat, bitter cold, dangerous animals or insects, disease and other unsafe conditions. It means creating a space for families to give them privacy, safety and security. And it means giving them an opportunity to recover and heal from the physical and emotional trauma and trial. So it’s not just tents, tarps and tools. It’s transforming!

We don’t hear about each and every catastrophe but the reality is worldwide. So we are making it this month’s mission to add, if even a small amount of aid. Consider stepping outside the box to cut through the crisis and you’ll walk away with a headband that represents recovery and helps defy despair. Because this kind of flower power is what we like to call a passionate pillar of promise.

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