School is back in session, which means there is never a shortage of papers cycling through this house. I mean like trees worth. Homework sheets, field trip slips, you name it. So I am always trying to come up with ways to keep this chaos organized. We were early adopters on the whole stainless steel appliance trend (before they had the cool “faux SS” that are magnetic) and I often find myself missing my old school magnetic refrigerator. If I could just slap that spelling list on the fridge, I’d save myself at least 5 minutes trying to fish for it on my desk in the mornings when we practice :). But admittedly, I do like that my fridge isn’t covered in papers that are still hanging from last year’s school year… cause that is exactly how it would go down over here if it was left up to me.

So I came across this magnetic primer recently… have you seen it? I decided it was going to change my life. Paint the inside of a cabinet door in my kitchen… paper probs solved.


Or not. Cause like 6 coats later and the most it can provide is the entertainment my kids experience watching magnets slide down the door. DIY fail. So I gave up on my magnetic dream and quickly covered it in one of my favorite obsessions… chalk paint… and decided it would be a perfect place to answer the question, what’s for dinner?! So not a total fail, right??



xo, Jen