If anyone deserves a special day, we know that mothers do. It’s a full time job from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn. It’s difficult, demanding and rarely dull. But you do it and you do it well! And while there is no way to be a perfect mom, there are a million ways to be a great one! To celebrate, we’ve come up with a special spread of halos committed solely to style your super mom status. Because not every hero wears a cape……..rather, our heroines don halos!
In honor of this Mother’s Day, we’re giving a shout out to seven selected halos for seven sorts of super moms. And if you can relate to more than one, then consider yourself super-duper!

The First-time Mom
Whether you’re currently knee-deep in the demanding domains or you simply remember those draining days…we know there’s nothing real fun about those late Night Games. But we’ve got you covered with a halo that will keep the bed head at bay while you’re up with the little one, doing your best not to fall asleep standing up. We can’t promise it’ll get easier. But you won’t always be a mombie zombie.

The On-the-go Mom
Tick-tock, tick-tock, this mom won’t stop. Much like the hustle-bustle of Time Square, she’s always on the move. From sunrise to sunset, she hardly breaks a sweat. School PTO, baseball practice, dance, swimming lessons, grocery-getter, youth group and more. She may feel the pains and pulls but doesn’t rest until the daily quest is met.

The Single Mom
For all you remarkable ladies running the show on your own, we honor you with a halo that’s painted with pride. Our Lady Liberty stands polished, poised and with a hint of pink to remind you that you are in fact a serious superstar. You may stand solo but you’re as strong as steel. And the kind of mom who deserves some extra credit despite the extra hand.

The Hot-mess Mom
A Perfect Storm of crazy and chaotic. A headband to tidy the tresses…that are doused daily in dry shampoo. Survival means caffeine, sweats and sneakers. And for the desperate days, a tube of mascara at the bottom of your bag that may or may not be past its prime. Matching socks are overrated. Your kids had Cheetos for breakfast. And the Christmas tree might still be up. But nevertheless, you show up, provide and your kids are alive. And that’s conquering half the battle.

The Fabulous Mom
She’s classy, sassy, feminine and fit. Always glossy, groomed and graceful. Whether it’s balancing a toddler on her hip, in heels or showing her support at soccer, in a suit. She’s the perfect mix for an Afternoon Martini. A mom with a flair for fancy and a sociable spirit. She might be better dressed but likely just as stressed.

The Photo-frenzied Mom
Candid, posed and silly. She’s always snapping pics. Her kids. Your kids. Those kids. So it’s no surprise our Paparazzi print is the perfect pairing for this digital diehard. She might always be front and center, go a little overboard and drive her family nuts but she will always capture the best. Including the only photo where your kid’s eyes are actually open. Everyone say cheese!

The Go-with-the-flow Mom
Carefree, casual and composed. The mom who’s not easily frazzled or floored by the daily do’s that surround her crew. Nothing says easy breezy like our Hang 10 halo. She might sport it skinny. She might sport it wide. But mostly, she can sit back and just let it slide. A design for the flexible and free. And the kind of mom we all wish that we could be.

We know the beautiful breakdown doesn’t stop with these. So no matter where you fall, we want you to know you’re simply the best because you give it your all.
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, to all the magnificent Moms! We hope you celebrate in style.