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Time Square – LAST CHANCE!


Time Square. A busy band that will challenge any crowd. A junction of crazy coloration to match the crazy kind of day. We feel the pull in every direction, the chaos of your crew, the hustle and bustle of the hour. It’s a busy crossroad to coast. Life is often a full speed race and who has time to stop for sweat? So slap on this stretch, step off the curb and slay the streets ahead.

Before you take our Time Square halo to the streets, keep in mind:

  • Our sweat-wicking technical fabric is used for all of our designs to keep you cool, dry and headache-free whenever you’re wearing any of your halos.
  • UrbanHalo headbands can be worn wide, scrunched or narrow, based on the preference of the wearer.
  • All of our halos (even those for the guys or little ones in your life) are handmade in the fabulous USA!

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Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × .25 in