Where there is no vision, there is no hope. [George Washington Carver]. Sight is one thing. Vision is another. Under the simple model that we need to see to earn and see to learn, VisionSpring is restoring vision, dignity and success to men, women and children across the world.

Over 600 million people across the globe have faulty vision. And 77% of these individuals require nothing more than ready-made reading glasses. It’s a small gift to grant but a huge reward to receive. VisionSpring is an organization that has disrupted the traditional optical market by using innovative distribution strategies to deliver affordable eyeglasses to low income individuals. As in, those earning less than $4/day. They distribute bulk quantities of eyeglasses (ready-made readers, prescription frames, optical kits and sunglasses) to over 150 partners in 21 different countries which includes a network of hospitals, eye care centers and government affiliations. They also collaborate with governments and education agencies to reach low-income children attending school. And they currently partner with over 40 companies in India to bring vision screenings and eyeglasses to employees as well as dispatch outreach teams to the rural and slum communities. These teams offer pop-up vision camps to those who do not have any access to basic vision services. All for a mission to grant affordable access to eyewear. Everywhere.

It’s truly a manageable concept. Productivity requires focus. Focus requires mind. And mind requires vision. Our world holds so much to be seen. But for those who struggle with the distortion, the pains or the loss, it reads a different story. So how can you help? For every $5 donated, someone gains access to a world with renewed vision. An impact that helps them learn, grow and earn an income to support their family. Might we add; this donation isn’t someone’s leftover eyewear. This is a global social enterprise that provides durable, stylish and new eyeglasses. And every individual walks away with better clarity. In sight. And in life.

Vision without action is just a dream. Vision with action can change the world. Another UrbanHero partner that will leave you hopeful and helpful. See well. Do well. Creating a vision for the future. Fit well. Sport well. Presenting a halo for your style. We humbly consider this a winning combination. Because you know that pairing world-changing efforts and handmade goodness is our favorite! Therefore, let us introduce the exclusive design for May. A dashing blend of sectional shapes with a peculiar kind of perspective. From a distance, they’re a scrambled stretch. But get up close and personal and you’ll notice they prescribe a pattern. A changed vision occurs with a changed view. So swipe up this simple transformation and then you will surely see!

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