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Marathon Series: UH social media master, Anica Hershey, a new spin on marathon!

The next addition to our Marahton Series is being brought to you by one of UrbanHalo’s very own. The marvelous and multi-talented, Anica. She is the sweet-natured, energetic, dancing queen who waves her magic wand to make sure all our social media runs smoothly. Read on to hear what a marathon looks like for this […]

Marathon Series: Homemade Energy Gels with Megan Marlow

We are excited to share the next post in our Marathon Series with Megan Marlow, co-creator of the Jillian Michael’s Fat Burning Nutrition Plan for Vegans! Megan’s goal is to make living a plant-based lifestyle a little easier for everyone by sharing what she has learned through her own journey enhancing her life through food, while ensuring it […]

Marathon Series: UH Event Rep, Ken Clemons, Running Goal, Favorite Marathon and Tips for New Runners!

We are excited to introduce you to one of UrbanHalo’s very own for the newest addition to our Marathon Blog Series! Meet Ken. Or maybe you already have? Ken is one of our beloved event reps, bringing our halos to marathoners across the country and then often running alongside them on race day! Read on […]