Most of the human population is accustomed to finding fulfillment in the things we do or the stuff we have. We are conditioned to believe a peaceful purpose will be found in the outside world. So we are caught up in doing rather than being. The art of yoga is a spiritual discipline that employs the principles of energy, our consciousness and our body’s physical posture to attain harmony within oneself. And not rely on the people, places and things around us.

The Give Back Yoga Foundation believes in making yoga available to all those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of this powerful practice. Yoga stretches beyond the particular posing. It’s a philosophy, a passion and a ritual of well-being. The organization’s research-based and clinically proven partner programs give instructors a strong framework for bringing yoga and its concepts to underserved communities – transforming lives for prisoners, supporting addiction recovery, empowering cancer survivors, fostering healthy body image for individuals overcoming eating disorders and assisting veterans with PTSD. All of these populations seek the kind of healing, support and harmony that this global practice can provide.

Awaken. Transform. Give back. All while planting the seeds for a grassroots movement of social change and self-renewal. Take a peek at the following five projects that this non-profit organization employs to its participants.

  • The Prison Yoga Project grants men and women behind bars a chance to heal from unresolved trauma and learn skills for non-violent problem resolution.
  • 12-Step Recovery Project integrates the wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs to provide a powerful framework in helping to support addiction recovery and prevent relapse.
  • Yoga4Cancer was founded to help cancer survivors find well-being, manage treatment side effects, boost their immunity and improve their road to recovery.
  • Eat Breathe Thrive is a system of support for individuals struggling with negative body image and eating disorders. Its clinical program weaves yoga-based tools in with treatment center programs to aid in long-term recovery. And the community-based “Thrive Tribes” are led by certified facilitators who provide an intimate network of ongoing support.
  • Mindful Yoga Therapy is the complementary treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD. This clinically-proven protocol is actively in use at 48 different VA facilities nationwide.

You might be an avid yogi and you may not. Even if you aren’t familiar with the practice or actively engaged in the purpose, you likely understand the importance of keeping yourself well. But unfortunately some people aren’t privileged to understand the principles. The body, the mind and the spirit are a triage that should be treasured. They make up our very existence on this earth and when we feel able-bodied and whole, it allows us to reach out and help others restore their soul.

This month, our UrbanHero halo aims to heal. It’s a band for the body, a medium for the mind and a style for the spirit. The discovery of oneself has never been an easy path to pilot. But there is strength within this stretch. With a graze of tranquilizing tread, you may find it brings about some balance and reminds you to rest. Listen to that voice inside and remember that even the smallest support spreads wide.

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