Homelessness has become an accepted part of the fabric of our society. The perpetual cycle leaves little room to be broken. And the needs of those without a safe and stable place to call home are dismissed and despised. Friends, we can do better. We must do better.

Some people are born into an impoverished lifestyle and it’s all they know. Some make poor decisions. And some are victims of devastating circumstances; an unexpected job loss, a medical crisis, a family tragedy or even a natural disaster. Despite how it happens, it happens. And for many, that occurrence leaves little optimism. Families become forgotten folk and are left feeling isolated, ignored and invisible. But these are real people. With real stories. And it’s a real problem. Systemic imbalances can be blamed for the increasing socio-economic gaps. And many federal and local programs that once allowed low-income families to afford a stable home, have been eliminated. So the availability of affordable housing fails to meet the needs of those who require it and families are left without a roof over their heads or four walls to take refuge. A completely unacceptable way of life in the heart of our very own communities.

Families Moving Forward (FMF), a program of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative, has a strong belief that everyone deserves a home that’s safe and affordable. They desire to put an end to homelessness one family at a time. Families Moving Forward is an emergency shelter program serving families with children experiencing homelessness in Hennepin, Scott and Carver Counties and providing the only emergency shelter for families in the southwest metro. This organization includes volunteers from nearly 90 local congregations who have come together with a faith-driven commitment to end homelessness in the metro and surrounding suburbs. Through emergency shelter, affordable housing and advocacy this organization seeks to provide a pathway to stability for families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It’s a united effort driven by compassion and commitment. Their community-based model is unique because they not only provide shelter and develop housing, they bring resources and communities together to raise awareness and build networks of support. For each family assisted by the resources from FMF, the goal is to address their unique barriers to stability, find housing that best fits their family’s needs, and foster a sense of hope. Home is the foundation for family. A home is where our life narrative begins and a place for our story to start.

A house is made of walls and beams. A home is made of love and dreams. Homeless people don’t need our pity. They need our help. And they need a place to call their own. We are only as good as we give. And this month, your love for this leisurely layout will leave you feeling fortunate. It’s soft. It’s sweet. And it’s anything but standard. Smash the shameful stereotypes and rise up to recognize the reality. We believe every UrbanHero has a helping heart. And we are certain the comfort and joy that this halo brings will help remind you there’s no place like home.

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