The start of summer brings about a lot of things that we eagerly wait for throughout the rest of the year: the beach, outdoor activities, a fabulous tan, and dusting off those oh, so wonderful summer wardrobe essentials. Summer can also mean a jam-packed schedule of wedding celebrations, and outdoor ones at that.

While these weddings are always joyous occasions, they can be a bit overwhelming to plan for. That’s because dressing for an outdoor wedding, especially in a location where the weather is less than predictable, can be a bit of a challenge.

If you’re anything like us, you may be seeking a few tips to assist in choosing your summer wedding attire. Here’s a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way:

Keep Unspoken Rules in Mind

It used to be that it was completely taboo to wear white to a wedding and many people thought it would bring bad luck to the newly married couple. In recent years, however, it has become much more acceptable to wear tasteful splashes of white to a wedding, especially one that takes place outdoors. That said, all-white attire should always be reserved for the bride.

Choose Accessories Wisely

Your outdoor wedding wardrobe accessories may need to be planned out a bit more carefully than they are for other occasions. Chic heels could pose a problem if the ceremony is taking place on a lawn, so we’d recommend sticking to wedges or flats for your shoes. At super casual weddings you could even opt for accessorizing with light and airy fashion scarves rather than formal jewelry. No matter the style you select, your accessories will help you dress for the occasion.

Be Picky When it Comes to Fabrics

In the summer heat and humidity, it’s important to be mindful of your fabric choices. The right fabric will keep you cool and dry, and also not show off any of those pesky sweat marks that can arise this time of year. Natural fabrics like cotton or lighter-weight fabrics like rayon and linen are sure to be your best friend (they definitely are ours!).

Remember to Layer

Most people only think to layer during the fall, spring and winter months, because they start out dressing for the cold and can remove the layers as they get too warm. But, what do you do if the reception lasts long into the evening (or morning) hours and it starts to get cool after the sun sets beyond the horizon?

It’s important to remember key layering pieces like a cardigan or nylons when planning your outdoor wedding attire and you’ll be happy you thought ahead to bring these wardrobe essentials.

It’s Still Okay to Beat the Heat

At the end of the day, if you’re attending an outdoor wedding and it’s 100+ degrees outside, wear whatever makes you comfortable. Everyone else in attendance will be in the same boat that you are, and will understand if you’re opting for a cotton sundress rather than a floor-length silk that may be more appropriate for a black tie affair.

Have fun this summer and stay cool!

-The UH Team