If your house is anything like ours, especially in the summertime, life is a constant blur of go, go, go while trying to make sure we grab our headbands that stay in place for our next workout.

This makes it especially difficult to eat healthy in between meals or after a workout. But, if you can spare a few minutes each week to do some prep, there are a ton of easy and delicious snacks you can turn to when you need to grab something for a post-workout snack on the run.

Mixed Nuts or Trail Mix

Avoid the pre-prepared variations from the store, and instead opt to make your own high-protein versions. In general, almonds and pistachios give you the most amount of protein at the best prices. When you pre-package servings of mixed nuts or trail mix into snack bags, they’ll be simple to throw into your purse or gym bag.

Protein Balls

This easy, no-bake treat requires no baking, tastes like dessert and is high in protein. Just mix one and half tablespoons nut butter, three tablespoons oats, half of a tablespoon honey and half of a tablespoon dark chocolate chips, then roll into balls and refrigerate. You’ll be all set and ready to roll in no time.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas offer so many more alternatives that just another variation on a hummus spread. Try roasting chickpeas in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes after coating in one tablespoon each olive oil, salt and cayenne pepper. This crunchy treat is a great alternative to nuts and can easily be carried around in a small Tupperware or snack bag.

Roasted Edamame

Another alternative to nuts is edamame. When you roast this treat at home, you can get a little creative and customize the seasonings. Some of our favorites include a smoky and spicy mix of cayenne pepper and paprika, and a parmesan garlic seasoning mixture.

Savory Greek Yogurt Cups

Plain and sweet flavored Greek yogurts are a thing of the past. One of our favorite snacks is a savory Greek yogurt. We mix beautiful summer vegetables like peppers and tomatoes (or is that a fruit?) with basil and pine nuts for a simply divine yogurt treat.

It’s easy to love summer fun on the run when your post-workout snacks taste this good!

See ya next time!
-The UH Team