Over the past few years, I have become more and more passionate about supporting small, local businesses. Largely due to the fact that I became a small business owner myself! It is interesting how our own journey and life experiences open our eyes to things we never gave much thought to before they became a part of our world. My own experience with growing UrbanHalo from a personal need into a brand has definitely changed the way I view small businesses. I know the long nights and early mornings that come with growing a “what if” into a business. I used to walk into a store and just zero in on whatever it was that brought me there. Now when I walk in, I see so much more. I see time, love and creative energy poured into displays and merchandising. I see a talented eye and evidence of thoughtful consideration expended on the racks that hold just the right colors, styles, and trends for each season. I see a dream that has become a reality. I see a story. One of the many blessings of owning UrbanHalo, has been the opportunity to get to know many of these amazing shop owners. We are extremely honored and thankful to have so many locally-owned boutiques, salons, and fitness studios across the country carrying our headbands. We often receive inquires asking where our headbands can purchased locally… and I promise one day we will get a list on our site for you. Until then, we thought we’d begin to introduce you to them and their stories.

We have decided to start with one that has been instrumental in the growth of UrbanHalo. Meet Colette, owner of Shine Boutique in Burnsville, MN! Colette has an infectious laugh, an amazing eye for merchandising and a love for doggies that none could rival. At the time I first met Colette, she was working in one of the very first shops to take a chance on carrying our headbands. Little did I know, Colette is also a wholesale representative with a showroom at our local gift mart. In addition to giving UH products a chance in this local boutique, she also helped us introduce our new line of stretchy headbands to many amazing shops along the way! Just under 2 years ago, Colette’s own dream for opening a boutique became a reality. Anna and I spent an evening at Shine just a few weeks back. We made some beautiful dishes in their pottery painting class, shopped like crazy, and chatted with her about her journey.



I absolutely love the name Shine. How did you come up it?
My friend Carrie Ingalls actually came up with our store name. The definition for Shine is: 1) To give out a bright light- shimmer, sparkle, glitter, twinkle. 2) To be very talented or perform well.

What makes Shine unique?
Our business is unique because we are a ‘lifestyle’ store, offering so much more than most gift shops and boutiques. We carry clothing and items that you won’t see everywhere else, making Shine a great place to find unique gifts. Many of our products are actually made right here in our store, giving us the ability to customize them any way you would like. We also offer spray tans {for just $15.00!} and have a spa on site. Li, our esthetician, offers facials, eyelash extensions and brow waxing. In addition, we offer monthly classes including pottery painting, string art and furniture painting techniques. Great for birthday parties or just a fun evening out with girlfriends.

What was your inspiration for opening a boutique? 
I started Shine because I really missed working in retail. I had worked in many stores throughout the last 25 years and I really wanted a boutique of my own. I was also doing a lot of corporate events and pop up shops and customers were looking for a place to shop for our items outside of those events. I also had 3 amazing friends/business partners that had the same vision… I couldn’t have done it without them.

What advice would you give to a young business owner just starting out?
My one piece of advice for a young business owner would be prepared to work, a lot! Nights, weekends and holidays and don’t expect to take home a paycheck for a few years.

What was your first entrepreneurial experience?
My first entrepreneurial experience as a kid was selling snow cones in my front yard. Most kids were doing lemonade stands and I had received a snow cone maker for my birthday so I thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t keep up with the demand and ran out of flavoring and had to shut down early!

What is something some of your customers may not know about you?
I work at Shine a day or two a week, but my full time job is a wholesale rep. I have a showroom at the Minneapolis Gift Mart. It is the perfect job for me. I love everything about it!

Do you have any strange items on your bucket list?
My one weird item on my bucket list is I want a Harley and I want to go to Sturgis just once and only for a weekend.

What is the strangest item in your purse right now?
The strangest item in my purse right now is a dog squeaky toy. I am fostering a little Cocker Spaniel named Romeo and he hides his toys in my purse!

Who is your typical UH customer at Shine?
Our typical UH customer is not typical! It could be a 16 year old in high school or a twenty-something athlete. A forty year old yoga mom or a 50 year old biker who wants to wear it under her helmet. I can sell an UrbanHalo to anyone!

What should the next UH product be?
I would like to see UrbanHalo do a pet bandana!

What is your favorite thing about UrbanHalo?
My favorite thing about UH is that it is fashionable and actually works! I also love the story behind UH and that it was started due to a need and it is a local business made right here in MN. I try to shop and order local when I can!





If you are in the Minneapolis area, put Shine on your list to check out! Gather up your girlfriends, sign up for one of their classes, schedule an appointment with Li {hello lashes!}, and shop ’til you drop.