We are so excited… our very first subscription packages have been shipped and arrived at our new heroes doors… and I can’t wait to share with you what these lovelies are supporting through their membership this month.

But first up… I know you are dying to see the 1st exclusive halo, right?? So, I am not going to make you wait… you’re welcome!



Handmade Goodness for a Cause has never been cuter, right?? But really, as much as I love this print, I love the project that it is funding even more. Let me start by introducing you to Mark and Shannon. Besides being the cutest couple ever, crazy fun and way cool (or rad, as Mark would probably say), I can not even begin to describe to you the size of this couple’s hearts. From a young age, Mark has loved all things adventurous and crazy… so a love for board sports was naturally a given. What I love most about Mark is that he took this passion that he had, and found a way to use it for a purpose. Shortly after marrying Shannon, they founded Ride Nature. Ride Nature is a non-profit action sports ministry dedicated to loving on and bringing hope to youth around the world through action sports, outreach, and discipleship.


In many countries around the world, the action sports culture and industry is rapidly exploding and quickly becoming more popular than sports even as widespread as soccer. With 80% of the world’s population living in poverty most children around the world will never have the opportunity to surf or skate, let alone own a skateboard or surfboard. While there are many amazing organizations that are going to great lengths to provide food, clean water, and clothes, RN’s mission is to give them something a little different! Since 2009, Ride Nature has led 23 trips to multiple countries around the world and given away over 1000 boards.



Ride Nature will be taking their 24th trip in December to love on the kids of Haucho, Peru. Our heroes during the months of Sept. and Oct. will be funding the purchase of brand-new surf boards to bless to kids they will work with while they are there!! Stay tuned for pics!! You can follow Ride Nature on facebook to stay connected to all they are doing!
Want to get involved??  It is not too late to jump on board and receive our September halo… we have a limited quantity left!
xo, Jen
Aren’t the halos our Urban Heroes received in the months of September and October cute?!