A charity with a flight to fight. And a fight that’s right. Healthcare accessibility is an ongoing challenge. A costly one. And sometimes a powerless one. All children deserve quality care and we have an organization that is doing their part to see that this is carried out. And they’re saving a child one mile at a time.

Serious illness, rare conditions and other critical ailments often leave children and their families with very little hope. Can you imagine if the future of your child’s life was waiting for you on the other side of the country but you were unable to get them there? Many parents face this trepidation. And while not all angels present themselves with wings, the ones from this organization kind of do! With a graceful presence, the organization Miracle Flights serves to provide free flights for children who require specialized care and valuable second opinions that are not readily available. They connect children with the necessary treatment and medical attention that’s required to secure their well-being and potentially save their life!

Miracle Flights have coordinated over 100,000 flights to help families in need. Whether it be weekly, monthly, seasonally or annually. Through monetary donations, frequent flier donations, travel vouchers and other supplies, this organization makes it a promise that no distance is too far. And they’ve been doing it for over three decades, with success. Recently, they’ve expanded their life-saving mission by partnering with the World Pediatric Project (WPP) by flying doctors to assist kids in Central America and the Caribbean. The number of people across the globe that have little to no access to appropriate healthcare is staggering. So this collaboration helps deliver critical care to children who would otherwise not receive it. With the ultimate aim to close the astounding gap.


Local or global, you can always help. Because a miracle is never out of season. Lives are touched and futures are brightened. And for this month’s exclusive UrbanHero halo for hope, you will find yourself in the company of a brightly colorful clash. And a formation of furrowed spots that will leave your magnanimous heart open and able. So you can give flight to all those whose wings have failed.


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