Women are strong. Fierce. And sometimes wickedly awesome. But for centuries our role in the workplace was disregarded. Unimportant. And weak. Now the generations are changing! Women are leading organizations. Developing new business models. Empowering others. And paving the way for females to dream big…and do big.

WomenVenture knows this. Believes this. And supports this. A non-profit organization that is lending its tools and critical resources to help women reach goals and achieve economic success through small business ownership. They are building entrepreneurs; regardless of their age, race, culture or economic status. This is empowerment at its finest. And this is the organization that our Urban Heroes have teamed up with for the month of March. We, at UrbanHalo, know a little something about taking an idea, creating a product and launching a sustainable business. Which is exactly why we want to be a voice in this crusade.

Have you ever been told you can’t? Have you ever doubted your worth? Your talent? Your strengths? It’s hard to find the courage to fight your way through a world of naysayers. But imagine having a crowd of women urging you to pursue a passion, an idea or a dream. It gets our hearts a flutter when we think about the success that’s built with even just one extra voice telling you that you can. You don’t have to be a working woman or even looking to launch a business in order to understand the value in having your voice heard. You just have to know what it’s like to dream. And WomenVenture is linking the distance between a dream and a reality. You can’t build anything without a foundation. So the organization was created to provide the groundwork that helps women get started. Thanks to their sustaining partners, volunteers and donations; they’re able to deliver workshops, classes and clinics that introduce women to the critical components of launching a business and offer practical guidance and advice. And scholarships! Yes, for the women who believe their business success is still so far out of reach, WomenVenture offers various scholarship levels to help them serve a greater number of aspiring entrepreneurs. Because everyone deserves a chance to see their dreams unfold, organizations with services like this exist to help bridge the gap and give women the chance to create their own story.

Like any nonprofit organization, the success of WomenVenture relies on its financial partners, gifts and donations. A portion of your monthly subscription to Urban Heroes will go to support their mission and their model. Helping women across the metro achieve their dreams of being a small business owner and deliver financial freedom. It’s not just a myth, it’s a movement.

Visit WomenVenture at www.womenventure.org to learn more about their mission, their partnerships and their resources.


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