bol_bannerChildren are a gift. A blessing. And a gentle reminder that sometimes we’re meant to do big things with little people. But for anyone who’s had the opportunity to welcome a little baby into their life, they know very well that babies require a lot. A lot of time. A lot of energy. A lot of resources. And a lot of love. It’s an exciting adventure. But one that is also very overwhelming. And expensive. Unfortunately, not every parent who is embarking on this journey is doing so with the ideal support, financial means or even the necessary basics. For some, it’s become a road less traveled. Circumstances that have left them stranded in the middle of a crisis. And anticipating the birth of a child amidst such troubling times unlocks the trenches of fear, trepidation and distress. These sometimes paralyzing moments can often create a shameful barrier during a time when they should be wrapped up in delight and devotion. And it does not matter what the terms are, every mother deserves to welcome their little bundle of joy into the world with comfort, open arms and a whole lot of love. Because love doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be.

Bundles of Love was created out of this kind of faithful intent. The organization’s founder was in disbelief at the kind of need that existed for babies who were entering the world with very little. So the desires of her heart led her to use her creative talents by sewing and creating baby clothes, blankets and bedding. In a world of excess, we sometimes forget about the simple basics and the items that are nurturing and vital during those early days. In the beginning it started with a small partnership between her mother and a former coworker. They set out with a small goal to provide five bags for a pregnancy crisis center. And over time, word of mouth spread about this inspirational group of women who were volunteering their time to be a resource for those in great need. Volunteers increased and the demands grew to include area clinics and hospitals. These ‘baby bundles’ were being created to benefit premature infants, sick infants and families with a desperate need. Today the organization is a registered non-profit in the state of Minnesota, with workgroups located in the north and south metro as well as the Rochester area. It’s successfully run by the generous support of volunteers, donors and the communities it serves. Together they service approximately sixty hospitals and other organizations that have expressed a need. Each bundle is a hand-made diaper bag that’s filled with all sorts of baby goodies; a quilt, various blankets, crib sheets, bibs, gowns/sleepers, a hat, booties, washcloths, an outfit and some personal care products. If surplus donations exist, additional items might be included as well; such as pacifiers, bottles and changing pads. But most of all, each bag is filled with tender loving care and hope for a bright future.


The UrbanHero program was created out of a passion to give back and love on others. It’s about finding a need and taking a part in filling it. And it’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus. Nothing says gift from God better than a precious newborn. Babies are innocent little creatures who don’t get to pick their place or their circumstances. Some have it better than others but they all deserve the basics. We believe it’s a need in every community and Bundles of Love is doing its best to serve as many as possible. So the extra room in our hearts this month goes towards supporting this cause. Because there are bundles of joy being born every day who desperately need a bundle of love. To learn more about their work or how to become a community partner, visit them at


Please consider joining our UrbanHero subscription program and supporting various people and organizations that rely on individuals like you and I to help them increase awareness, embrace their mission and execute their purpose. We partner with a new organization every couple months to help them fund a project that betters the lives of those they serve. You get to make a difference AND walk away with an exclusive halo {amidst other fun perks}! To read more about our program and the subscription details, please click HERE. We are always excited to strengthen our army of heroes!