First Book is such a great cause we partnered with them not only in January, but February too! Their impact is great and we couldn’t be happier to team up with our Urban Heroes to help overcome illiteracy one book at a time. First Book has pioneered ground breaking channels to provide new books to schools and programs serving children in need. Since learning to read is vital to success in both school and life, having access to books is a critical component to growing engaged and thriving readers. Unfortunately, for many children, having books at their fingertips isn’t a reality. To date, First Book as put more than 135 million books in the hands of children. Every single one of these books delivers an opportunity. Watch the following video from First Book to learn about how they have partnered with one community’s program and the impact they are having. If you experience difficulty loading the video, the direct link can be found here.

How amazing is that? Speaking of amazing, check out the halo our Urban Heroes received this month? Isn’t this exclusive to them print perfectly lovely?! If you just have to have it, sign up for our Urban Hero Subscription Program today and there is still time to receive February’s halo as your first month.