Urban poverty is complex. It creates generational cycles that breed destructive hopelessness. Many children are born into a state that doesn’t often offer them an opportunity to thrive. Imagine choosing between your monthly rent or groceries for your family. A new pair of shoes or a winter coat. It is a heartbreaking reality that exists in our own backyards. Statistics become their status. Employment gaps. Achievement gaps. Parenting gaps. Nutritional gaps. And struggle becomes their state. Thankfully, there are organizations like Urban Ventures, whose mission is to empower individuals and strengthen families to transform urban communities. Since we have that persistent desire to spread our own urban love, we’ve selected this local non-profit as our February UrbanHero partner. Their bold vision to end urban poverty in the Minneapolis community is a radical but inspiring one. They believe that the perpetual cycle can end with the right kind of power and the right kind of people.

Mentoring programs with youth that give them a caring adult who believes in them and helps them develop the skills they need to be successful in school and in life. Scholarships that give a student the opportunity to pursue a higher education. Family programs that support single parents or young mothers/fathers. Job skill training to assist individuals with sustaining employment at a livable wage. And food and nutritional classes that allow families to understand the importance of healthy eating, teach them how to grow their own produce and provide access to local markets that offer pesticide-free products. Through community events, fundraisers, corporate partners, ministry partnerships and individual donations; this organization is addressing the local level needs that aim to bring down the despair and promote the promise. Everyone has a story and your support will help someone change theirs.

This month’s exclusive design expresses a mirage of colorful curves. Because life is hardly a straight line. A halo with a theatrical take that’s garnished with extravagant elements and delicate detail. An allurement of animated artistry. For the rich or for the poor, hope sets the stage for your dreams to come to life. So stand amongst the spotlight, support a stricken state and sport this sophisticated style!

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