Lights, Camera, Action.

We love to be entertained. We love to watch exceptional people rock our fascination. And we are dazzled by individuals with immeasurable talent. Even better when they possess a heart for others. Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. A household name with poise, finesse and beauty. An influential actress. A fashion icon. And a philanthropist. She sought to support emerging talent in theater, dance and film. To grant young individuals the opportunity to shine and succeed. After she passed, her legacy was carried on and a foundation established by her husband, Prince Ranier III of Monaco. The Princess Grace Foundation exists as a non-profit, publicly supported charity that awards grants in the form of scholarships, apprenticeships and fellowships to individuals pursuing a career in the arts. Because Princess Grace believed it’s right to honor those who create beautiful things.


“Each project has a long process of development and throughout that, you don’t know if anyone is interested in what you are doing. The Princess Grace Award has given me a sense of support that is very, very helpful and I’m extremely grateful.”- David Riker (1995 Film Award, 2001 Statue Award)

This is the foundation we’ve selected for our June UrbanHero.  And of course this script wouldn’t be complete without also introducing this month’s exclusive halo. Decked out in a myriad of colorful triangles; the perfect representation for the trio of fine arts. A performance doesn’t have to be grand to be appreciated. And your look doesn’t have to be dramatic to be remembered. So nab this limited edition print while you can and set your own stage.  The curtain will close on this halo before you know it.

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