It’s possible that you’ve seen the individual designs we showcase on our Facebook page each week, but it’s not often that we talk about an entire product line. In our newest blog series, we’ll be posting more information and pictures that highlight one of our product lines and what makes that line so great.

This month, in advance of Father’s day coming up in a few short weeks (you’re welcome for the reminder), we’re featuring our Iron Halo line that’s made specifically for all those special guys in your life!

iron halos

The Genius Behind Iron Halos

When we set out to create our UrbanHalos, our goal was to make a headband that stayed in place, didn’t hurt and kept us cool and dry during our daily workouts. What was born from that mission was a super stretchy, technical sweat-wicking fabric that just so happens to have the ability to be designed in any pattern we can imagine.

iron halos

When our UrbanHalo workout headbands started flying off the shelves, and the ladies in our lives were raving about how the sweat stays out of their eyes while they’re wearing them, we started getting inquiries from their husbands, boyfriends and guy friends. They wanted to know how they could get their hands on UrbanHalo headbands, too!

We couldn’t let the ladies have all the fun, so we created our Iron Halo line just for the guys in our lives.

iron halos

Competing with Iron Halo

Guys: whether you’re training for your next big race or competing in the next IRONMAN triathlon, our UrbanHalo Iron Halo line of sweat-wicking headbands will keep you cool and dry. And, if you don’t believe us, we have athletes using our products to back us up. It’s probably said best by CrossFit athlete, Brandon Pound, “[Iron Halos] keep the sweat out of your eyes, and your eyes on the prize!”

iron halo crossfit

Want to try our Iron Halo line for yourself (or for the guys in your life), you can shop our line online here.

Stay cool, dry and enjoy!

-The UH Team