svabwDomestic violence. It swells when we are silent. The statistics are staggering. This picture cannot be painted pretty because the power that it possesses is absolutely petrifying. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Victims need a voice and they need it now, because a safe place shouldn’t be a struggle. Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women (SVABM) is a local non-profit organization that was founded by a former victim of domestic violence. She left her abusive 32-year marriage and banded with volunteers to serve the needs of other victims in the community. Her legacy, trust and faith in the audacious goal of ending this kind of violence is now carried out by her daughter, a board of Directors, talented staff and a dedicated team. svabw-home-page-banner

The alliance is dedicated to providing support, resources, protection and strong advocacy for victims and family members of domestic violence in Scott and Carver counties {of Minnesota}. Knowledge is power. When you know how to help, you can make a difference. It’s important to remember that domestic violence (or intimate partner violence) does not always manifest as physical abuse. It may include sexual violence as well as psychological and emotional abuse. The frequency and severity can vary dramatically but the consistent component is the demand to maintain power and control over the victim. And the consequences that stem from domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime. SVABM wants to break that cycle. And our UrbanHero program wants to help! Through their organization, volunteers and donors help lift women out of the darkened dwells. They offer safety, protection, support and most of all… a sense of hope. No woman deserves to live their life in fear and violence or die at the hands of abuse. Join us in this local pursuit to help end the thrones of punishing power and vicious violence. Wear our exclusive band to help remind you of your life-changing efforts. It’s a hazy subdued design that speaks a silent statement. The colors of a bruised body will eventually heal. But the effects of a bruised spirit are incredibly real. With your partnership, we band together to show our support, cross the blurry boundaries and help another woman understand her worth. This is a halo of hope!january-urban-hero-web