holiday project -3The sounds of the season are here! And the joy and merriment that surround us never fails to shine. It’s a wonderful time of year. But for some, it rings a different bell. It can be lonely, sad and anything but delightful. Individuals bound in a hospital, nursing home or other residential institution don’t always get lifted by the holiday cheer. So The Holiday Project makes it their mission to bring the spirit and celebration to them, enriching the experience of the season for their soul.

holiday project -1
The Holiday Project in its early years!

A small idea that launched on Christmas Day in 1972, The Holiday Project is now a growing organization of chapters. They collect donations to provide small gifts and cards and coordinates volunteers who visit and offer up their presence to make another person smile. Heartfelt conversation and a warm embrace are invaluable. And time is a precious gift that we sometimes fail to give. For all those who’ve been forgotten or left behind, we can help them remember their worth. And let them know the spirit of the season will not pass them by.

holiday project -2

This time of year reminds us of our blessings and the love that fills our lives. Our hearts embrace the offer to give. We feel inspired and hopeful. And most of all, we believe. We believe in the reason for the season. So we’re devoting our December UrbanHero efforts to all those who need a little extra reason this holiday season. And all you winter warriors can wrap yourself in this band of brio. An exclusive print to prep your passion with a wintry blend to steady your soul. Tis the season!


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