Ever wonder where the name urbanhalo came from? Well, let me start by saying that choosing a name was probably the toughest decision that I have made for this little business so far… partially because that kind of creative task is just not one of my strengths (hence the naming contest on facebook for each and every pattern we release), but also because I was so inspired by the patterns and colors brought to life when I sewed those first headbands years ago, that I knew I needed the perfect name for this new creation!


The name “UrbanHalo” embraces the idea that each one of us is an angel to someone on this side of heaven… whether you are an urban girl or a rural chick. It hopes to inspire the God-given passionate, joyful, adventurous, strong but humble, world-changing, active, forward-paying, fun-loving, spirit inside of each of us! So wear that halo proudly… you may not know it, but you are someone’s angel!

xo, Jen