can do canines_1Fido. Man’s best friend. A loyal companion to many, but to some, a life saver. An answer to debilitating impairments, disabilities and life threatening conditions, canines can be trained to literally save their companion’s life. One such type is a seizure assist dog. They are trained to help people during and after a seizure. They can be trained to bring an emergency phone to call for help and they can wear vests with pockets containing life saving medications. Not only do they assist their companion in getting help during a seizure, they stay with them providing comfort. Diabetes assist dogs are trained to sniff a specific scent on the human breath that indicates rapidly dropping blood sugar levels and alerts their companion. Additionally they can bring a glucose tablet, emergency phones or alert others of the need for help. Amazing isn’t it?! Seizure and diabetes assist dogs are just two types of many service dogs that are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Can Do Canines, an organization that specially trains dogs to provide hearing assistance, mobility support, seizure recognition, diabetes aid and autism safety to name a few.

can do canines_2

The fully trained canines are often adopted from local animal shelters and then provided to clients free of charge. However, it’s costly to train and place an assistance dog. Averaging up to $25,000 for one. But this program is committed to finding new ways for assistance dogs to lend their service and support to individuals who need it most. Can Do Canines pioneered the training to detect low glucose levels for people with Type I Diabetes. And they were one of the first in the country to train a seizure assistance dog. With ongoing contributions, partnerships and gifts; they’re able to make a vital impact on someone’s life.  You can even raise funds and earn the honor of naming one of their puppies! An excellent project for a school or youth group to get children involved in the community effort.

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For the month of November, we’ve partnered with this local organization to support their heartfelt mission and give deserving individuals an opportunity to enhance their life. And for our faithful fans, we’re offering an exclusive baroque-inspired halo. A design historically characterized by overt emotion, dynamic movement and self-confidence. A fancy force destined for this canine connection. Our tails are wagging now!


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