Love is innate. But sometimes it comes with damage or instability. Foster care and adoption are a significant blessing to those without a family. But it can often be presented with unique challenges connected to the experience. It doesn’t mean these children aren’t deserving of a good home, it just means they need some extra TLC. Trauma, abuse, neglect and other untold horrors from a child’s past will inevitably affect their mental state. According to a survey of adoptive parents, the major unmet need is access to supportive mental health counseling following the placement of a child. C.A.S.E is a nonprofit Center for Adoption Support and Education. They provide effective support, specialized counseling and professional education that will strengthen the family’s well-being and enable the child to thrive.

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Adoption is more than just the placement, it’s a lifelong journey for a family. It can be complex, demanding and exhausting. But it can also be incredibly beautiful, inspirational and empowering. Children from all over the globe need a secure home, a nurturing family and a boundless love. C.A.S.E has assisted nearly 6,000 families since the organization was established in 1998. And they will continue to provide through the financial support and contribution of its donors. Children will learn what it means to be loved, feel loved and show love. Because people who know love make this giant world a better place!

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you’re making a difference. That you’re one lonely body trying to mask the work of an army. But don’t be discouraged. Change always starts with one. Then pretty soon it grows and your engagement becomes exponential. You may or may not have a personal connection to adoption but participation with our September UrbanHero partner will tie you to an impactful organization that’s giving second chances to individuals who need a place to call home and the support to overcome debilitation. And like always, you get to walk away with an exclusive halo that tells it best. Cluster yourself with these colorful dots. Individually they make a mark but collectively they create a meaning. After all, they say it takes a village!


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