“USA! USA!” can be heard loudly chanted by many in living rooms across the country this month as we cheer on the athletes who represent this great nation in the Summer Olympics. It is a fun time to be an American. We band together to support and cheer on those competing to bring home gold. Athletes have dedicated countless hours training and fine tuning their skills in the hopes of achieving glory. The Olympics is the grandest of platforms to showcase abilities on an individual level and collectively as a country. It embodies the spirit of competition, strength and unity. The Olympics brings people together and ignites a spirit of pride and support. We are united by our brothers and sisters across the globe as we all cheer on the nations we call home. We are united by the effort, struggle, dedication and success the athletes display. We are united with humankind on the most basic of levels despite all our differences. All that is embodied by the spirit of the Olympics has been wrapped up and spread out across the globe for a population that is so deserving of support, empowerment and success. We are waving our metaphorical flags wildly in support of this month’s UrbanHero project!


The Special Olympics is more than just a global organization. It’s a global social movement. It’s about abilities, not disabilities. It’s shattering stereotypes and empowering others. And it’s a boundless mission, without regard to anything aside from a heart and some passion. Because every individual possesses their own strengths and their own dreams. The Special Olympics is the leading voice in raising awareness for people with intellectual disabilities. Through the transformative power of sports; they showcase skills, talent and dignity of their athletes and bring communities together to shine. It’s an opportunity to make the shift from isolation to involvement and to help their athletes compete, grow and succeed. The world needs more compassion and acceptance. And Special Olympics aims to awaken their vision of inclusion in every community across the globe. Founded in 1968; with over 4.5 million athletes in 170 countries, they’re changing lives through the joy of sport and competition.


The Special Olympics brand and logo mark themselves, namely in red. To no surprise; the color of energy, passion and action. It signifies a bold essence that promotes ambition and determination. All large components of our August UrbanHero organization! Our enthusiasm for this effort is fierce. And we want to march alongside the spirit of this race. So set your crown ablaze with this perfectly paired collaboration of color. A halo streaked with hues of pink, red’s twin sister,  to remind you that there’s power in courage and strength in attitude. Win or lose, be brave in the attempt!

August {exclusive} UrbanHero Print

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