Clean the World

Washing our hands is a daily ritual that seems pretty standard. But for some, it’s a matter of life or death. The leading cause of death in children around the world is viral disease and pneumonia. Not AIDS. Shocking, isn’t it? Diarrheal disease kills more than 1.8 million individuals per year, namely children in Africa and South Asia. That is a tragic statistic for something so preventable. Clean the World has made it their mission to reduce these deaths by providing soap and educating individuals on proper hygiene care. So simple but so significant. Clean the World collects and recycles discarded soap and bottled amenities from hotels, then sterilizes and represses the products for those in need. It turns our trash into treasure. Which reduces unnecessary landfill waste, cleans up the environment with plastic reuse and ultimately saves lives. A trifecta win!


We don’t like the thought that a newborn may not survive because of a neonatal infection. That a toddler is reduced to death from their own feces. Or that a five year old’s growth is stunted by disease. Not when something so basic can be delivered. We want to help. And we want to see children in these impoverished countries, thrive. So this is the organization we’ve selected for the July UrbanHero.


July 2016 Urban Hero exclusive print

More than 2 million bars of partially used hotel soap are thrown away every day in the United States. Clean the World partners with 4,000 hotels to recycle their discarded soap. Each bar is melted down and then molded into fresh bars of soap and then distributed to those who need it most.  Since 2009 they have distributed 35 million bars of soap in over 100 countries.  Your partnership with them will this month will help them with the distribution of more than 7 million bars this year!

July Hero

You partnership with this organization doesn’t have to stop here.  Another thing we love about this organization is that they also offer hands-on ways to get involved (including kids!). Live in the Orlando or Las Vegas area?  You can volunteer on site and help with their sorting and packaging. If you do not reside in either of those locations, you can also help out by hosting a hygiene kit building event.


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