Nature is everywhere around us. It’s the leaves falling from the trees, the tiny bug that flies past us, and even the way our feet sound as we’re running across the pavement in the morning versus the late afternoon.

It’s there, but how often do we really take the time to notice the changes happening in nature every day? And more than that, how often we’re drawing from nature to find inspiration?

As we continue to ponder those thoughts, we put together a few ways that each of us could draw more inspiration from nature this season.

With Family

Do you remember when we were little and couldn’t wait to explore outside? We didn’t need a reason, we were curious about the world around us and that was cause enough. Draw inspiration from that curiosity and take your family on an exploratory mission. Build a scavenger hunt, use an old map, simply get out of the house with your family for an afternoon.

For Your Music Selection

Have you ever visited a beach at night when no one else was around? Or, hit the jogging trails so early that you’re the only one out there? If you have, you may have noticed how soothing the peace and quiet of nature truly is. Draw inspiration from this when selecting music, especially if you’re feeling anxious or upset. Change it up for something mellow or pop in an album of nature sounds themselves.

Using Patterns, Textures & Colors!

One of the easiest ways to draw inspiration for a wardrobe update is turning to nature. No, you don’t need to wear tropical or animal prints for all your shirts and leggings. You can use patterns and textures found in nature when selecting fabrics or designs (think polka dots and ladybugs), or grab bright, bold colors from this season’s blooms to liven-up your selections.

The UrbanHalo Way

At UrbanHalo, we use nature as inspiration every day. It’s in the colors, patterns, and designs we select for all our yoga headbands and it’s in the unique names we choose for each one of our signature styles.

We invite you to join us and draw a little bit more inspiration from nature in your own way!

-The UH Team