The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics are just a few weeks away, and we are gearing up for the games, ready to show our support for the athletes who proudly represent the USA!

Whether you’re a hardcore competitor, a dedicated spectator or somewhere in between, we have line of fitness headbands that will go perfectly with your patriotic attire this Olympic season.

Check out our America-inspired designs.

For the Gals

Our Lady Liberty design comes right from our Signature line (the line that started it all). It’s stars and stripes pattern is mixed with subtle hints of pink, leaving you with a fashionable way to show off your patriotism.

10112_Lady Liberty

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For the Guys

American Honey has a classic look that makes it perfect for hitting the gym or kicking back at a bar to watch the games. Whether you are working hard or hardly working, American Honey is a sweet headband that will remind you of a simpler time.

30007_American Honey

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For Both

Available in both our Signature and Iron Halo lines, Spangled boasts the classic red, white and blue colors that adorn our country’s flag. There is no better halo design for any girl or guy who wants to show their pride during the Olympic Season.

signature spangled halo

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spangled IronHalo

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Made with Love in the USA

You’ll see a lot of patriotic apparel during the Olympics, but not all of it is made in the USA. All our halos are hand-stitched right here at home. They are made from our super stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric blend that keeps you cool and dry without causing headaches like the nylon headbands do. Whether you are running, lifting, hiking or simply cheering on your favorite Olympic athlete, our halos stay perfectly in place.

Don’t wait! Order one of our patriotic halo designs today and get it in time for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.