Accidents happen. Sometimes they’re tragic. Sometimes they’re threatening. But most times they teach.

Just under five years ago, while on vacation with his family Chase suffered an anoxic brain injury caused by a near drowning accident in a pool. When a brain loses oxygen, it only takes four minutes for the cells to die. It’s a little time for a lot of trauma. Following his MRI results, doctors at the hospital in Florida advised that Chase’s condition was unlikely to improve and he would spend his days growing up in a hospital. This left only a hint of hope and a fight against the odds. Once Chase was stabilized, the family returned to Minnesota where he could continue his recovery and care. And after three months of vigorous therapy at Gillette’s Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Chase was given the clearance to return home and continue his recovery amongst his faithful family. It was during this time that his family witnessed some amazing progress through the aid of various therapy tools and specialized equipment. And from that moment on, the Lykken family knew they wanted to find a way to share their experiences, their feelings of hope and these same resources to help out other children and their families who were going through a similar situation.

Chase’s Warrior Foundation was created to provide helpful products and supportive information that can help accommodate families who are living with a child who’s suffered a brain injury. They learned that the adaptive equipment was incredibly pricey and that so many other families were not as blessed to have the same kind of access or support. So with the initial idea development, joint commitment from good friends and months of planning, Chase’s Warrior Foundation was established. And recently certified as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, out of Prior Lake Minnesota. It’s a group of community-based volunteers whose mission is to help children and their families affected by anoxic brain injuries and/or have special needs by providing support thereby enhancing the quality of their lives at home and at school. Every monetary donation grants another child with special needs, the opportunity to stand up once again, take assisted steps, ride a bicycle, spend time in a pool or simply get cozy in a Chill-Out chair. These special moments are made possible by the adaptive equipment. And they give children and their families a new reason to rise up.

Loving on a local cause is one of our favorites. And our handmade halos are right there with it. So we get excited when we can pair the two together! And this month, you are sure to tumble for this tropical tail feather treat. It’s a fusion of fun, fresh and fancy. And a happy headband that gives hope for conquerable circumstances and healing for the harmed. The black is bold, the color catching and the pattern pops. An extra special style for all you well-abled warriors.

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