Did you grow up with parents who affectionately advised you to always follow your dreams? And did they also support you on that stretch to discover your heart’s desire? If so, then consider yourself lucky. Not all young girls grow up with reassuring role models and often times they miss the message that they can do more!

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation was established by the American World Cup and Olympic Gold medalist alpine ski racer with the intention and the dedication to help young girls conquer their dreams…and the world. The Lindsey Vonn Foundation focuses on strengthening the community by supporting girls through the aid of scholarships, education and athletics. The all-girl program allows them to create a comfortable environment to help young girls achieve success, grow as athletes and flourish as fearless individuals. Hosting events like their 2-day STRONG GIRLS confidence building camp for girls ages 11-14. A retreat designed to uniquely challenge each participant and encourage them to step outside their comfort zone. With a focus on both mental and physical strength, these camps provide an opportunity for young girls to connect with a female athlete mentor, participate in physical activities and games, find confidence in their abilities, affirm their aspirations and form new friendships.

Female empowerment doesn’t have to be political or exclusive. It’s simply advocacy for a gender that typically struggles to find a safe and stable place in society. Starting with the younger generation, we can lift these ladies up and encourage them to shine amongst those who never believed they could. Young girls are quick to fall victim to social pressures, unforgiving criticism, harsh judgment and hurtful lies. Which can be quickly followed by unfavorable attitudes and detrimental behaviors. Locally born, in Burnsville, Minnesota, Lindsey Vonn is using her success and her experiences to show girls that you can overcome all of those invalidations and rise above the adversity. It’s not about skiing or becoming a professional athlete; it’s about finding a place. Your place. And doing it with determination.

While it’s the summer season with no snow in sight for alpine skiing, we know a blooming band will never go out of style. So for July, we bring you a halo with some extra heart. Don’t be leery about the lady-like layout. We encourage you to embrace this efflorescent find and give flower power a fancy new claim.

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