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How many points do I have?

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***Please note points earned for all program activity (other than purchases) will be tracked and made available for redemption on the 5th of the following month. Points cannot be earned for any activity or purchases prior to the date of enrollment in program.

Program Overview
The Nitty Gritty
Program Overview

We are so glad you joined us! The Retailer Rewards Program is offered to our retail (wholesale) partners as a way to say thank you for your loyalty. Points are earned for various activities and have a simple conversion to three discount percentages that can use on product orders. 

Points Redemption Overview:

  • 1,000 points = 10% discount
  • 2,000 points = 15% discount
  • 3,000 points = 25% discount

Points Earned Overview:

  • Each dollar spent on product = 1 point
  • Program enrollment = 1,000 points
  • Testimonial = 2,000 points
  • Social media sharing on Facebook and/or Instagram (must use hashtag #urbanhaloretailer to earn points)
    • Branded UrbanHalo image = 500 points
    • Retailer content = 250 points (up to four times a month)
    • UrbanHalo repost of retailer content = 750 points
  • UrbanHalo mention on website = 500 points
  • Branded window cling = 2,000 points
  • Survey participation = 1,000 points
The Nitty Gritty

Want to reach the biggest discounts quickly? Read all about how to earn points below.

Each dollar spent on product = 1 point

  • Points earned are on cart total after any promotions or discounts are applied. Points are not earned on shipping costs nor can points be earned for orders placed prior to program enrollment date.

Program enrollment = 1,000 points

  • Enrollment in the program is required and can only be earned once. Un-enrollment and then re-enrollment later will not earn points again.

Testimonial = 2,000 points

  • One testimonial per retail partner. By submitting a testimonial, the retailer has given UrbanHalo the right to use it and the retailer’s business name on our website, in marketing collateral and in other ways. Submit your testimonial here.

Social Media Sharing = 250 to 750 points

  • General:
    • Points will be earned through Facebook and/or Instagram posting only. Retailers must use #urbanhaloretailer hashtag to receive credit. This allows UrbanHalo to search for your posts and give you credit.
    • Retailer's Instagram account needs to be public for UrbanHalo to be able to see/search for the posts.
  • Branded UrbanHalo Image = 500 points
    • Image must be downloaded from our Wholesale Marketing Resources library.
    • The hashtag “#urbanhaloretailer” has to be used in the social media post to receive credit.
    • Limit of two posts per month. Each post must contain unique images and content to earn points. 
    • Maximum of 1,000 points per month can be earned from branded UrbanHalo images.
  • Retailer Content Post = 250 points
    • Any content a retailer posts that is of their own creation (non UrbanHalo branded/provided imagery) will earn 250 points with a limit of four times per month. Maximum of 1,000 points per month can be earned from retailer content posts.
    • Content must feature UrbanHalo product(s) and copy must be primarily focused on UrbanHalo.
    • The #urbanhaloretailer hashtag must be used to receive credit.
  • UrbanHalo Repost of Retailer Content = 750 points
    • Are you a fab photographer? Posting killer photos for your UH retailer content posts can earn you even more points! If UrbanHalo shares your retailer content post (see above) then 750 points will be earned. The hashtag #urbanhaloretailer needs to be used in the original retailer post.

UrbanHalo Mention on Website = 500 points

  • Sharing the UrbanHalo logo, name or one of our professional images somewhere on your retail business website (i.e. under list of products carried or favorite brands, etc.) will get you 500 points. Limit one per retailer. Click here to let us know!

Branded Window Cling = 2,000 points

  • Branded window cling can be ordered here! It is free of charge.
  • Please submit an image of UrbanHalo window cling displayed in your retail space by clicking here. Points can only be earned one time for placing an UH branded window cling in retail space.

Survey Participation = 1,000 points

  • Earn 1,000 points by responding to a UH survey. Surveys eligible for points will be noted as such.

Other Program Details:

  • Point Expiration
    • Points are valid for 180 days after they are earned. 
  • Point Redemption
    • Points earned for all program activity (other than purchases) will be tracked and made available for redemption on the 5th of the following month.
    • Points can be saved for larger discounts and partial balance redemption is allowed.