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Iron – Tough Grit


There’s something about this headband that rings hardiness, tenacity and nerves of steel. So we think it’s appropriate to deem it Tough Grit. A repetition of backbone outlined in jagged black and white. It just has a mighty feel. You almost have to clench your teeth when you look at it and maybe let out a small growl {or a big one. We won’t judge}. A sketch of strength and courageous character. Tough Mudder. Crowds. Kids. Marathon. Overtime. Up for the challenge that your day presents? Because failure and adversity have no name. We believe this halo has the power to motivate so you are bound to push through anything. Got the stamina to stay the course? We say, BRING IT!

A little extra nitty gritty:  

  • Our signature blend of superior sweat-wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry. No obstacle or challenge is too great. Put us to the test.
  • Our unique design boasts an unfinished edge so you can adjust the band and customize its wear. Your look should be exactly the way you want it.
  • Our signature fabric is super soft and crazy stretchy. Distinctive and different from others. It stays where you put it and won’t pinch or squeeze.
  • A loyal brand that’s handmade with love in the fabulous USA.
  • The spirit of endurance can get a little dirty sometimes. So we recommend you hand wash in cool and lie flat to dry. Then carry on!

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in