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Iron – Blood, Sweat and Tears


You’re the type of person who doesn’t stop climbing just because you’re on an escalator. You beat your fastest time and immediately set a new goal to achieve. “Good enough” simply isn’t good enough. You know that what comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy. This is your headband. Designed with you in mind, our superior fabric is specifically blended to absorb your Blood, Sweat and Tears.

In case you were wondering:

  • Our technical sweat-wicking fabric is designed to keep you cool and dry.
  • Our unique design boasts a seamless edge allowing you to adjust your look and customize its wear. 
  • Our signature fabric is ultra-soft and crazy stretchy. Its no-slip properties won’t pinch or squeeze.
  • Your halo should be hand washed and laid flat to dry. 
  • Our halos come to you from the fabulous USA (where they’re handmade with love)!

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Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in