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After Hours

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Who needs caffeine for a kick like this?! An electrifying design to carry you through the night. Time loses its meaning when your soul is up After Hours. We know some of you come alive after midnight and the world seems at your feet. {We think that’s called youth}. A little party. A little play. And a lot of fun. A colorful blend of sensational dots. Not unlike the blinking, dazzling array of twinkle that lights up the city’s nightlife. After the party. After the game. After the concert. After Hours…memories are wrapped up in those moments. Because who looks back on life and remembers the nights they slept?! So we give you permission to boast this band and live freely long after close.

Always a feature of my fable:

  • Our signature blend of superior sweat-wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry.
  • Our unique design boasts an unfinished edge so you can customize your look.
  • Our custom-printed fabric is super soft and stretchy. Distinctive and different from others. It stays where you put it and won’t pinch or squeeze.
  • A loyal brand that’s handmade with love in the fabulous USA.
  • To maintain optimal wear, we recommend hand wash in cool and lie flat to dry.

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Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × .25 in